About Us

Welcome to our journey!

We’re two newlyweds in our late twenties, new homeowners, and looking to start a family soon(ish says Josh). We want the best life possible for our family so we decided to completely change our lives and start getting back to the basics and start living a simple life, or as we like to say, Living-Simply.

After graduating with our degrees, we set out into the world to ‘live the dream’ – we enjoyed the decent paychecks and all that came with it – the nicer vehicles, the fancy house we planned on buying, frequently eating out and the ability ┬áto buy what we wanted when we wanted. Buying an expensive suit for Josh was no big deal. For Ashley, there wasn’t a Vera Bradley bag that was off limits. It took us a few years moving around the country before we realized that we didn’t care to keep up with the Joneses and we honed in on what was truly important – our families and spending time with them, our health and our happiness. We’ve settled back in the Northeast, close to our families, and have simplified our lives – we chose creating healthy meals over frequent dining out. We chose frugal over excess. Most importantly, we chose simple over complex.

So come along with us as we start living a completely sugar-free(ish! says Ashley) lifestyle, managing our expenses and working to get out of debt, creating crafts and furniture with our hands, and just Living-Simply.

Come along with us!

Come along with us!

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